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Welcome Back Students!

Welcome Back Students!

We are thankful for your patience during these hard times and are happy to announce that you can now continue the learning process to get your CDL!

According to the Phase One– Low-risk Higher Education and Critical Infrastructure Workforce Training provided by the Governor’s office, our program now qualifies to be considered essential, New Sound Trucking School will reopen Wednesday, May 6th.

While your completion of the program is important to us, we still value your health and safety, therefore, we will implement a COVID-19 safety plan. The COVID-19 exposure plan will  include policies regarding the following control measures: PPE utilization; on-site social distancing; hygiene; sanitation; symptom monitoring; incident reporting; site decontamination procedures; COVID-19 safety training; exposure response procedures; and a facility post-exposure incident recovery plan. A copy of this plan will be available at the school reception area.

We should remember that keeping New Sound Trucking School employees and yourself safe is a group effort. Students will need to follow health and safety protocols such as social distancing by staying 6ft away from each other, wearing a face mask and gloves, and most importantly self isolating yourself if you feel ill and/or contacting your medical provider if you experience any of these symptoms(cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, tiredness, sore throat and others).

Starting May 6th, 2020, we will be resuming all laboratory and yard training. The theory portion of the CDL program will continue via online learning to limit in-person interactions as much as possible.

For any questions feel free to call us at (253) 210-0505 or reach out through our email

Stay healthy!!

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