Why Do People Decide to Become Truck Drivers?

"Why do people decide to become truck drivers?" We have been asked this question many times, and the response is always the same: to achieve your independence! You can have a fulfilling career as a truck driver that will not be outsourced. These are highly important factors for men and women who have experienced many changes since the COVID outbreak. They have seen layoffs brought on by business closures. Due to increased demand for goods throughout the entire epidemic, the trucking business has expanded. We all have seen how difficult it was for the supply chain to keep the stores stocked. A higher demand translates into additional jobs.

Men and women around the country now have more driving jobs available as the pandemic has partially subsided, but the need for goods has not. This supply chain stressor has caused all businesses to increase pay rates, making now the ideal time in history to work as a truck driver. Truck drivers' salaries grew by double digits last year. That's correct; according to the AmericanTrucking Association 's most recent annual pay study, driver pay will rise by 11% in 2021. Truck drivers have had an 18% increase over the previous two years, on top of the 7% increase in 2020. Not to mention bonuses and benefits to bring in new staff. The ATA reports that more than half of businesses provide sign-on bonuses, with awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000!

If you look online for trucking jobs, you'll find that many employers are willing to pay drivers between $70,000 and over $100,000 to work for them.

You now have the chance to enter the industry as a new driver with the potential to make a high five or six-figure income. To put that into perspective, the average first-year lawyer earns $65,000 nationally, and the majority of graduates from law school owe over $100,000 in tuition. You can graduate from college with little to no debt and a higher chance of employment. The majority or the entire cost of a student's education can frequently be covered by federal funds or business sponsorship if they want to attend a CDL school. With each of these alternatives, you might begin earning money in as little as three weeks without incurring any debt.

Consider the lifestyle if these reasons for becoming a truck driver are insufficient. Drivers frequently choose their own timetables. They no longer adhere to rigid "lunch times" and "breaks" rules; instead, they primarily determine their timetables while traveling. When you eat and when you take a break is entirely up to you. Most individuals desire this independence in life, but never believe they would be able to find it. But you can now! Join the career where we have the freedom to do what we love.

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