Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions

Semi-Trucks with Automatic Transmission

Semi-truck automatic transmissions are different from auto transmissions in cars. It is a manual gearbox system using automation to tell the vehicle when to shift.

Semi-Trucks with Manual Transmission

In semi-trucks, a manual transmission is a gearbox system where the driver shifts gears and applies the clutch to change speeds, slow down, and manage the vehicle. With this transmission system, truck drivers can select from a variety of gear ratios. Lower gear ratios create more torque but less speed. Higher ratios provide the opposite.

What is The Distinction?

Because they are more convenient to drive and use less fuel, automatic transmissions are becoming more common among trucking businesses. However, vehicle control is one of the main benefits of manual semi-trucks.

Driving Is Easier

Semi-trucks are no exception to the rule that it is easier to drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission than a manual one. While a manual truck requires the driver to shift gears as their driving pace fluctuates, an automated model can adjust to tiny changes in speed and keep running smoothly.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel expenses are one of the highest expenses in the trucking sector. Even though seasoned manual truck drivers are accustomed to conserving gasoline, semi-trucks with automatic transmissions often have higher fuel economies than those with manual transmissions. The engine can run more effectively thanks to the simpler system, which results in better fuel efficiency and increased mileage.

Vehicle Handling

One benefit of a manual semi-truck is that the driver has more control over the truck. Your vehicle picks up speed quickly when you shift manually, and this transmission performs better in winter weather. Controlling your truck's shifting also keeps truckers alert during long drives or at night.

Getting Rid of the Automatic Restraint

You will automatically have a restriction on your license if you take your commercial driver's license (CDL) abilities exam in a vehicle with an automatic transmission. It means that you cannot drive trucks with a manual transmission. There are benefits in removing this restriction because, even though many fleets are going automatic, it can still restrict your career prospects.

Are You Ready to Start?

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