The Best States To Be A Truck Driver

When you search in Google “What is the best state to be a truck driver?”, different answers appear in results. Some results can be based on outdated criteria. Here we use the most current data to give you a list of the best states to be a truck driver.

What Factors Make A State Good For Trucking?

The first factor that determines a good trucking state is whether there are many opportunities for truck drivers and owners of small trucking companies. The best trucking states must offer plentiful opportunities for those in the trucking industry.

We provide you with the states ranked according to the following criteria:

  • The average cost of living

In some states, a trucker’s income is much higher. If a truck driver is seeking better pay, a move may be a good choice. Additionally, pay goes farther in states with a better cost of living. The states with the lower cost of living indexes provide more affordable housing, entertainment, groceries, taxes, and more.

Cost of living in most parts of such states as Oklahoma and Texas is affordable, and truckers choose them if they want to make the most of their wages.

Below we will show you the results based on the cost of living index. The lower the number, the lower the cost of living. There are the best states to be a truck driver following the cost of living due to World Population View:

  • New Mexico - 87.5
  • Missouri - 87.1
  • Oklahoma - 87
  • Arkansas - 86.9
  • Mississippi - 84.5
  • Mississippi 84.5

State regulations regarding truck driving

Factor that influences how effective a trucking company and its truckers will work is state regulations regarding truck driving. Such regulations mostly affect small companies that may have more difficult time adapting. In addition, it will be costly for them to fulfill extra regulations – new equipment and personnel regulations create extra expenses. These expenses negatively impact drivers’ salaries.

The best states to be a truck driver according to simple state regulations are:

  • Washington
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana

Average truck driver salary

In each state, the starting salary of truck drivers is higher than in many other industries. Also the salary of a truck driver depends on their years of experience that means the longer they’re in the trucking industry the more they’ll make. All you need to do is attend a truck driving school like New Sound Truck Driving School to get your CDL.

The best states to be a truck driver according to the average truck driver salary are:

  • Wyoming - $52.6K
  • Washington D.C. - $53.2K
  • New York - $53.2K
  • North Dakota - $53.9K
  • Alaska - $59.8K

Where truck drivers choose to live

Truck drivers choose states to live where the truck driving market is most favorable. Let’s look at the states where the most truck drivers prefer to live.

According to the BLS data, the best states to be a truck driver according to the number of truck drivers live there are:

  • Ohio - 77.1K truck drivers
  • Pennsylvania - 86.3K truck drivers
  • Florida - $92.5K truck drivers
  • California - 146.7K truck drivers
  • Texas - 199.5K truck drivers

Number of truck driver jobs in each state

There are many open job positions for truck drivers around the country because there’s a national shortage for them. The fact of the matter is that millions of tons of freight need to be transported, and there are few drivers can deliver it. That’s why we have a massive demand for new drivers. The states with the most truck driving jobs provide the demand and opportunity in the country.

Based on Zippia, the best states to be a truck driver according to the number of truck driving jobs are:

  • California - 8.7K jobs
  • Ohio - 11.2K jobs
  • Illinois - 14.1K jobs
  • Pennsylvania - 14.4K jobs
  • Texas - 16K jobs

Cost of commercial truck driver insurance in each state

One of the most necessary and the most costly expenses for an owner-operator are commercial truck driver insurance for a vehicle. The rates vary greatly based on which company you select, what type of coverage you choose, and where you live.

Based on data from Progressive, the best states to be a truck driver following the cost of commercial truck driver insurance are:

  • Mississippi - $4.6K
  • Wyoming - $7.1K
  • Nebraska - $8.6K
  • Iowa - $8.8K
  • Idaho - $9K

Get Your CDL With New Sound Truck Driving School!

We hope this list will help you understand better the truck driving industry across the United States, and make a decision where you want to work after you get your CDL.

It’s all about your priorities: cost of living, salary, job density, easy regulations, or other criteria that aren’t on our list. The answer to, “What is the best state to be a truck driver?” depends on your priorities as each state has its pros and cons.

No matter which state a truck driver lives or works in, the first step is always to get their CDL. At New Sound Truck Driving School, you can get your CDL in just several weeks. Are you ready to learn more how you can get your CDL in one of the best trucking schools in Washington and how we can help you find a new career no matter your state?

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