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New Sound truck driving school in Tacoma is a commercial driving school focused on empowering our students with practical driving skills, and a thorough knowledge in the career of the truck driving. Our goal is to help our students become the best commercial driver they can possibly be. We have such privileges of our school:

  • EQUIPMENT and FACILITY – Our Facility is similar to the DMV test yard, which produces high success rates. All of our trucks meet requirements for training and passing the exam.
  • OUR INSTRUCTORS – Our experienced instructors work with students to improve their driving skills, until they are ready to take your test driving and pass it.
  • JOB PLACEMENT – Our CDL School in Tacoma introduces future drivers to the top commercial freight companies in the United States.
  • OPTIONS – We offer financing options and tuition payment plans for our students. Plus flexible schedules and flexible class start dates.
  • HIGHEST STANDARTS – Our truck driving school will prepare you for earning a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with the highest standards.

Are you ready to get started in a new career? Let us train you, and you’ll be driving vehicles like a professional commercial driver! We value each student, and we do everything we can to help you succeed!

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